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Name: anti n. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: philosophy, psychology
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I'm antinatalist looking for single (partner-free, child-free) and similar minded people in my age group. The goal? Discussing life, philosophy, humanity, current events, etc. But why not also support and sharing experience. I try to use the term antinatalism in it's core meaning. I know that particular group of people has occupied this term, and I dislike many of them. Note that antinatalism does not mean:

- atheist, or more correctly - materialist. Since again, some people love to occupy terms. Atheism and materialism are different things, but materialists love to call themselves atheists. Atheism just means - no theism, i.e. belief in deities promoted by religious dogmas. I don't believe in deities, but this doesn't mean I'm a materialist... I have difficult time with both materialists and deities worshipers. If you have strong believes in either (mis)direction, this could be a problem...

- talking about what other people should do with their life. Again, many people that call themselves antinatalists, mostly focus on what the others do, or how to promote their ideology, instead of focusing on their own life... Seek help and don't bother me!

- misguided/weak people/philosophy. On the contrary, antinatalism is probably one of the few actually logical philosophies. However most people do not get it because of their biological bias in thinking and (re)acting. Antinatalism is not for everyone, on the contrary, historically it was only for highly intellectual and/or spiritual people. For example many philosophers were antinatalists, and monks by definition were antinatalists. For me personally, it doesn't matter what exactly is the strong leading force for you - intellect, spiritual or moral characteristics. There are really many weak people today that call themselves wrongly antinatalists, not because of choice, but personal physical or psychological problems. But this is really not a place for the average person with average problems, that doesn't have something strong developed in his character. I will not waste my time to explain or prove the points of antinatalism. I expect someone that already has done his own research, and actually understands the matter.

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Name: Ivo I. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: philosophy, psychology, occult
Penpal message / wishes:
Looking for someone with IQ > 100 interested in discussing the real world, not the virtual one created by TV and "social" media. If you think this world is a really bad dream, going from bad to worse, and the zombie apocalypse is real, ping me.

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