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Name: Agustin V. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Buenos Aires

Hobbies: cinema, theater, computers, classical piano
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello, my name is Agustin and I'm 40 years old. I'm looking for penfriends so I can practice my English, and Portuguese and know about other countries and cultures.

I love writing long e-mails and discuss a wide variety of topics. I love discovering new cultures and finding interesting facts about distant countries. I love knowing people and different ways of life. I love making friends and sharing experiences.

My interests include science fiction and literature, computers, classical music, rock (especially The Beatles, Queen), and oh, yes, penpals ;-). I love watching films, I'm a fan of many TV serials, especially investigative series like CSI, Castle, Criminal Minds and Bones, I also love Game of Thrones (which is not very good as a book but excellent as a series) and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I read The Princess Bride and I loved it!

I'm not interested in romance, and I don't want any XXX-rated talk. I want to connect with people at an intellectual level.

I'll be waiting for your letters, don't be shy!

Greetings from Buenos Aires,

Last modified: 20191015


Name: salli s. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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Penpal message / wishes:
Watch out for a stalking freak named John Wilde of Bournemouth England. He's violent.

Last modified: 20161229

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