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Name: John D. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: Searching for anybody not lobotomized and the Holy Grail
Penpal message / wishes:
If you're new here, you could probably use PenpalsNOW defined for you. The experience will not be as you would have thought.

First, expect over 90% of the replies to be idiot scammers, or perhaps the odd psycho perv, center of consciousness the crotch. Everybody knows the score there, no need to explain further.

Other replies, you will find somebody that, after they've told you what their favorite sports or situation comedies are, or how they like the beach and trees, too, sometimes expressing their politics, spoon fed by some talking head on the TV, all that remains will be up to the minute reports on their hemorrhoids or whatever. Do not expect the ability to process complex thought, of any kind, or any willingness to broaden their horizons. Ultimately, the conversation will fizzle out, when they've expressed the handful of consciousness they do possess, and all of which is common as dirt opinion they've been instructed to think in the media.

As you've probably noticed, you see a lot of "don't talk about politics or religion," the fact is people not able to talk about anything, whatsoever, even verging on philosophical. Just look at most of the ads. There are many that can’t even offer a few properly structured sentences, literacy at the low end of grade school, and these people are adults? A person that can’t even write as well as a child, looking for a penpal? Somebody even childhood education in literacy was lost on? What is that concept, pray tell?

So, when all is said and done, you have two choices: idiots, or idiots. You're either going to receive communications from criminals, which are inherently idiots, or needy, idiot narcissists, creations of the boob tube, that have never had an original thought since smacked on the butt by a doctor, nor do they want to hear anything, beyond what you'd find is life defined in a TV commercial script.

In any case, it is clear civilization has come to the end. If you insist on pursuing this ludicrous website further, do practice dumbing yourself down. Be warned, if you have a boredom allergy, have that EpiPen always at the ready. And, you that only have a limited script you call life, why are you seeking a penpal, when you run out of conversation, are clean out of thoughts, after a few paragraphs? What are people supposed to move on to, discussing what brand crackers or toilet paper you like? When it breaks the relationship, for somebody to prefer a different brand cracker? Is there really anything meaningful to you, at all, you can't consume? Impossible to deal with anybody not your clone?

Lots of luck, one and all. And I don't believe in luck. We have all this advanced technology these days, all dressed up, and nowhere to go. It's like giving the proverbial monkey a typewriter. Here, I had looked for an intelligent penpal. Just what on earth was I thinking? LOL!

Last modified: 20200111


Name: eleodora d. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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Penpal message / wishes:
Wanting to share thoughts and unusual conceptions of the universe. Please, I do not want to marry you or finance your bank account...

Last modified: 20190217

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