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Name: jonatan j. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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Hobbies: human sacrifice, hacking ,kicking childeren and obviously art and cuddling with puppy's
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm a very nice person, fun to talk to. Kinda psycho ''but some people like that i guess''.

Very observant so i know your mental weaknesses immediately so i can help u :)

i'm looking for a person who can help me figure out how humans act normal (kinda have a problem with that)

my favorite things to do are making art of animals photographing landscapes drinking tea and video games i enjoy listening to matel and rock music

i also have dyslection , adhd , a lot of mental illneses like having a third personalty a deep sidet hate for evreything.

things i will probebly talk about (so you know what your getting into

murder my intrest in murder (not acualty going to do it mabe greg will tho) mentaly destroying your selfworth (sorry that was greg he's kinda a douche) stewpid greg, so if u have a strong mental capabilety please be my friend ^_^ please dont mind greg he's nice if u get to know him.

note from greg : u foking borerline retard do u realy think u can find a friend like this nobody like's u i dont even like u and i'm a part of u u fucking thundercunt GO FIND FRIENDS IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!!

note form wally : please dont take greg serious but seriously i luv pony's ,anime ,marvel, dc and my girlfriend serousley i dont know how she survives with me ... but to close this of have a nice day :D

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Name: . .. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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Penpal message / wishes:
Looking for some naughty girls around my age for recieving some sexy pics.

Last modified: 20160528

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