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Name: Pure L. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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I am pursuing Pure Logic Philosophy's Search for Terrestrial Intelligence. You can use duckduckgo to search for this.

I seek anyone (male or female) who thinks TV (and later, the internet) has dumbed down our civilization, and who wants to fix the problem by striving to become the next step in human evolution. I think so far no one has bothered to try. When you look at how talented our best athletes, scientists, musicians, etc are, it's obvious that there's no shortage of talent and capability. It has all been applied toward individual achievements, rather than making social progress.

I think the internet is in a death-spiral where lower quality thoughts and ideas keep dominating and replacing higher quality ones. Everyone is engaged in a monologue, and success means having an audience in the thousands. Ideas that appeal to large audiences are already widespread, so new ideas stand no chance. The way to gain market share is to censor any opposition.

The reason I decided to make a profile here is to search for people who want to change the world. I've felt like I'm living in an idiocracy since I was born and that no person has ever made a genuine effort to try to change that. I think a few people are all it takes to change our evolutionary trajectory. Activism attempts to change millions of people and assumes that the problem is the way other people think, but I think the problem lies in the way we ourselves think.

I value ignorance because most important decisions can be made based on little knowledge. The reason why I know almost nothing about the Bible is same reason why I know almost nothing about the COVID vaccines. Both are memes that say “if you knew enough about me, you would make different choices in life”. Maybe so, but the same goes for an infinite number of other memes (or meme complexes) as well. I think intelligent beings come to the same conclusions naturally regardless of what we are pressured to believe in.

I think fundamentally we are all the same. Our motivation is always the same cringing desire to serve the strong. That's why the person who swore that only the Gestapo would mandate COVID vaccines can change his mind, get vaccinated, and preach that everyone needs to get vaccinated. Reason and rationality are everywhere a facade. Both the pro-choice and pro-mandate factions are powerful, so it's easy to choose a side (or to change sides). For this reason, today's friends are tomorrow's enemies. People don't disagree with each other as much as they disagree with themselves.

I don't check the e-mail on this ad, so you'll have to find another way to contact me (probably through competivism).

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